Die Area für Fans: Bembelzone!

Image 'Bembelzone'
Bembel goes Festival

We are Wacken!

BEMBEL-WITH-CARE was attending the WACKEN OPEN AIR for the first time ever! Wacken is one of the biggest metal festivals in the world and we set up our Bembelzone right in the middle! We introduced the German northerners to what good cider (not just any cider) is and of course, welcomed our long-standing Apfelwein fans to join us!
The show stopper: the Wacken-Apfelwein can, specially created to celebrate our new partnership with Wacken Festival.

Bembel vs. Bembel

Drinking Game

The drinking game from BEMBEL-WITH-CARE! Neither eyes nor throats stay dry here. Act strategically and save your can from the insatiable thirst of your fellow players.

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A special kind of recycling project

The first Sebastian Vettel fan club turned almost 1,700 empty BEMBEL-WITH-CARE cans into a replica of a F1 car. Friends, relatives and the Bembel team supported the association in drinking the cans, so they were able to build first one, then two "Bembelbomber" vehicles with a lot of time and love. A go-kart chassis is even integrated into the second racing car, that way the can car can actually drive.