Bembel vs Bembel. The drinking game

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Drinking Game

Bembel vs. Bembel

The drinking game from BEMBEL-WITH-CARE! Neither eyes nor throats stay dry here. Act strategically and save your can from the insatiable thirst of your fellow players. May the Bembel be with you. Cheers!

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Game Rules


You need:

  • 1 dice
  • 1 glass or mug (250ml) per player
  • 4 Apfelwein cans per player (4x cans each of the cider varieties Pur, Cola, Schorle, Kirsche).

The cans are placed on the four 'depot' fields according to their respective colour (variety).


Everyone rolls a dice. The player with the highest rolled number starts.

Turns go clockwise.

If a player has no figure on the board, he has three attempts in each round to roll the necessary six to bring a can into play.

Rolling a six

If you roll a six, you must move a piece from your "depot" to the adjacent "starting field". Then he may roll the dice again and move forward according to the number rolled.
Obligation to move: The "starting field" must always be cleared immediately. It is "move" before "strike".

If there are no more of your own pieces on the "starting field" or in the "depot", you may move with any of your own pieces after rolling a six. This is repeated until no more sixes are rolled.


If a player has more than one piece in circulation, he is free to choose which one he wants to move with. A dice roll may not be divided between several pieces.

If a piece lands on a square that is already occupied by an opponent's or one of the player's own cans, it is considered 'beaten' and must be returned to the 'depot'. The beaten can is "Bembel on" or "Bembel off" (drunken) by the striking player (see rule "Bembel on/Bembel off").

Obligation to strike:
As soon as the opportunity arises to strike at a piece, this must be done. Regardless of whether it is a fellow players can or one of the player's own!

Bembel on/ Bembel off

The content of the stroken can is filled into the 250 ml cup of the beater. The cup must be empty at this time or be emptied quickly. Empty cans (after they have been beaten for the second time) are taken out of the game.


If a can has made a complete round ("bembling through"), it goes into the "house" if the result of the dice is suitable.

Skipping" is not allowed in the "house".

The turn is over if you cannot move into the "house" with any piece.

A piece in the "house" is safe and cannot be beaten anymore.

End of game

The game is over when there are no more cans in circulation (playing field and "depot").
The winner is the player who was able to save the most cider in the "house". The decisive factor is the sum of the can contents and not the number of cans saved.
If several players have the same amount in the " house", you decide who has won.

Alternative game modes

If you are more than 4 players, you can play the game in other ways:

2-4 players per colour

Several players form a group and play all the pieces of one colour together. The dice are rolled and moving happens in turns (colour by colour). Within the group, the players take turns according to seating order and have sole responsibility for all the pieces in their own group during their turn, as if they were the only player of the colour.

2-4 players per colour

There is no team formation. Each player has (depending on free places in the "depot") at least one own figure. The figures must be marked so that they can be assigned to the players. Everyone plays only with their own cans, regardless of how many they share the "depot" with. The dice are rolled and drawn in turn (player by player).

In general

You can of course play each mode with less than the given number of cans. However, the game becomes much more interesting when there are more cans on the board.

Please note

The game is funny and incredibly fun. But: Know your limit. We don't want to encourage anyone to drink too much alcohol. Cheers and have fun!

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