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Sustainability is important to us

Our home is the Odenwald, the apples of its orchards are the basis of BEMBEL-WITH-CARE and the Cidery Krämer products. Whether in production, as a training company or in tree planting campaigns, we are committed to the official immaterial cultural heritage of Apfelwein.

Just this year, cider and the apple wine pressing culture were declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. At BEMBEL-WITH-CARE we are committed to ensuring that this cultural asset is preserved and - even better - becomes increasingly well-known. We carry the "Hessian national drink" and the Apfelwein tradition out into the whole world and never tire of explaining this Apfelwein culture to cider newcomers. For example, what is a Bembel? The traditional cider jug, which can also be found branded with our name and logo. This alludes to this sense of responsibility towards the cultural asset of cider. Derived from the logistics pictogram "Handle With Care", "Bembel With Care" symbolises precisely this careful handling of the Apfelwein culture that we wanted to literally raise again, represented by the two arrows pointing upwards. When BEMBEL-WITH-CARE was founded in 2007, Apfelwein was in danger of being forgotten, especially by the younger generation. We say: mission accomplished, cheers!

But it is not only the cultural asset that is important to us, nature and the surrounding habitat of the Odenwald with its many meadow orchards are too. To sustainably support the tree population, the Cidery Krämer carries out a tree planting campaign every year, during which approx. 400 young trees are handed out to the regular customers. The programme also includes the appropriate pruning courses and specialist maintenance courses.

With 25 employees plus temporary workers, the Cidery also impacts the Odenwald as a business location. As a training company, they are actively involved in maintaining and expanding the pressing house trade. The company's growth is reflected in the construction of new production halls and office buildings. This will include solar panels and a green roof, as well as the latest machinery and technology, ensure energy-optimised production. Once again we are combining tradition with innovation.

Bembel Charity

Our Charity Initiatives in 2022

We supported the Cidery Krämer 2022 in many great charity events, the proceeds of which were donated to charitable organisations.

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Showing initiative

Save the meadow orchards with us!

In cooperation with environmentalists, we launched the initiative Streuobstwiesenretter in 2011. The focus is on the preservation of meadow orchards for the landscape and the ecological sustainability of our natural products.

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Deposit in your hand?

We are very pleased that the Packaging Act 2022 days that cans containing wine products must now have a depositing system. In concrete terms, this means that our cider cans are now subject to a deposit of 25 cents from January 2022 on.

The recycling rate for one-way cans with a deposit is 99%. This is an efficient use of recyclable materials, as aluminium can be melted down almost an unlimited number of times and recycled again without any loss of quality. This not only saves raw materials, but also energy.

Canned Fruit

From the very beginning, we have relied on our aluminium can as the container for our Apfelwein. We believe that it is the most suitable packaging for our canned fruit. You may ask why is this?

The aluminium cans protect the cider from light and environmental influences. This allows for the carbonate and taste inside the can to remain at optimum quality, even when stored for a long time. The can is durable against breakage, which means there is no risk of injury from broken glass when camping and no restrictions due to glass bans at festivals. Thanks to its handy compactness, it is easy to transport and store. What's more, it cools down quickly. So, it's a perfect item to take along with you wherever you go.

But is the can also environmentally friendly?

Yes, because the can has many logistical advantages. The weight of the packaging is extremely light, which means that lorry transportation is only 3 % of the weight from the packaging when delivering it to the supermarket - whereas a lorry transporting bottles has a packaging weight of 38 %. Moreover, because the can is taken back on site, no empty bottles must be transported back to the bottler. In addition, the weight of the can is now 11% less than 12 years ago. This means that less material must be used, which also saves resources.