BEMBEL-WITH-CARE german cider in Mallorca

Image 'Bembel on Mallorca'
Bembel goes Majorca

BEMBEL Apfelwein on Mallorca

Majorca legend Ikke Hüftgold got the ball rolling with his hit "Ich schwanke noch". In the meantime, the BEMBEL-WITH-CARE cider on Majorca is represented in more than 100 sales outlets and restaurants all over the island, so that you can keep up your basic Bembel supply even on "Malle".

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Finally stranded!

Now available at the Bierkönig

Not only on the sandy beach of Playa El Arenal is drunk Bembel Apfelwein, but from now on also in the well-known 'Schinkenstrasse': Just in time for the start of the season 2023 you can now enjoy your Bembel directly in the Bierkönig. The best address on the square and simply cult! Therefore, the recommendation for the beer of the day is now: german cider. Our varieties of Cola, Cherry and Spritzer are waiting for you. So what are you waiting for? Off to the south!

Already drunk Bembel today?


Since last season, you don't have to miss out on your Bembel Apfelwein during your party vacation at Playa. And especially in the Bierkönig, there will be a lot of german cider drunk from this season on. One more reason for you to look forward to the Mallorca opening in 2023.

Not only there, also on the beach of the El Arenal you have the possibility to refill your Bembel stock in the supermarkets and keep up your basic Bembel stock. Around El Arenal and at Playa de Palma you will find a large number of sales points.

Germany's most famous cider

Traditional art of pressing and characteristic Odenwald apple varieties meet modern design and practical beverage cans in the production of our cider.
Our cider stands for 100% apple and no compromises! A pure, vegan cider with a high residual sweetness forms the basis for our different cider varieties: Pure, Cola, Spritzer, Cherry and Gold as well as our Limited Editions. Simply Germany's most famous cider and a real alternative to beer!