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Cider Culture 2.0

It is said that the Odenwald people were the first in this country to press good cider from the fruit of the apple tree. For centuries, barrels of cider have been rolling out of the dark forest into the surrounding countryside and neighboring towns. We at BEMBEL-WITH-CARE are also committed to this tradition and have enriched it with our innovation.

Germany's No. 1 Cider

Traditional art of fruit and juice pressing and characteristic Odenwald apple varieties meet an attractive, modern design and practical beverage cans. This is the best way to summarize the basic idea behind BEMBEL-WITH-CARE. Since 2007 we have made it our mission to make Apfelwein (cider, literally translated as apple wine) known beyond the borders of the Odenwald. The fusion of tradition and innovation is an important factor that has enabled us to address a new and younger target group. Our modern interpretation of the "Hessian national drink" can now be found in over 8000 sales outlets - a success that nobody would have expected at the time. For the high-quality cider from BEMBEL-WITH-CARE we use no flavor enhancers, aromas and sweeteners. The result is a fruity Apfelweine with a high level of residual sweetness, which is also well received by Apfelwein newcomers.

Thanks to innovative filter technology, the BEMBEL-WITH-CARE Apfelwein is suitable for vegans. With this cider, produced by Cidery Krämer, we were the first on the market in 2008 to fill cider in designer beverage cans. And it has often been imitated but never duplicated.
The concise cider cans have become a cult object over the years and we are happy every day about our large community, which has started a real cider movement. Apfelwein fans all over Germany and beyond express their joy in the product with a lot of enthusiasm and creativity, send us pictures of their parties, their Bembel handicraft projects or simply of beautiful moments with "their Bembel". The perfect alternative to beer and wine.

A timeline of our history 2007 – 2024

5L Party Keg Apfelwein
0,5L Cans
0,75L Sparkling Apple Wine
Apfelwein Cherry
Apple Cider sorbet
0.33L black glass bottles and 25L Keg
Tradition since 1928

The Cidery

BEMBEL-WITH-CARE cider has always been produced in the "Kelterei Krämer" cidery from the Forrest of Odes, which has been pressing cider in a long-standing tradition since 1928. Apples from the Odenwald meadow orchards form the basis for our popular Apfelwein, which is then filled into the well-known 0.5L cans.

Even before BEMBEL-WITH-CARE existed, the family business - currently run by the third generation - specialised in the production of high-quality fruit juices and fruit wines. The training company is a permanent institution in the Odenwald and is currently expanding the Beerfurth site by building a new production factory and storage halls, as well as administrative buildings.
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Close to home and nature, the cidery looks after its own meadow orchards in the Odenwald and regularly offers planting campaigns or pruning courses on fruit tree care. The fact that the Kelterei Krämer press house is particularly skilled in its craft is evident from the numerous awards for product quality that the BEMBEL-WITH-CARE cider has already won.


Annual awards for all our ciders and our sparkling apple wine

Beverages Award (2021)

By aboutdrinks.com in the cider/Apfelwein category, awarded to BWC

German Brand Award (2019)

Exclusive Nomination Awarded for: BWC in General


of RUNDSCHAU for food trade: the year's most successful new product in the field of wine and sparkling wine, awarded for: Apfelwein-Gold

Lürzer's int'l Archive (2017/18)

200 Best Packaging Design Awarded for: Care package including cans

Red dot Award (2016)

Communication Design Award awarded for: Care Package

Deutscher Verpackungspreis (2016)

in the category Design & Finishing Awarded for: Cider (Care Package)

about drinks Beverages Award (2016)

Most Innovative Newcomer of the Year Awarded for: BWC in general

Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie (2010)

Award "Culture and Creative Pilot Germany" Awarded for: BWC in general