Bembel Equipment for Partners

Trailer Bars

Cider from a giant can? No problem! There are several BEMBEL-WITH-CARE trailer bars (aka mobile bars, bar trolleys) in different designs, sizes, and equipment. Are you interested in renting one of the mobile bars for an event, festival, party, or club celebration? We've got you covered!

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Bembel Riding

Who needs a boring bull when you can ride the Apfelwein can of your favorite cider!? We present: our Bembel Riding! Perfect for club parties, festivals, sporting events and much more.

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Bembel Equipment

We think our design looks great just about anywhere. That's why we have the basic Bembel equipment for events in our repertoire: banners or advertising material such as posters, flyers, breakers, umbrellas, chairs...

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Become a cider dealer

You know our cider and would like to sell it in your food retailer, your supermarket, your gas station, your kiosk, your festival, your gastronomy or somewhere else? Or would you like to be included as a BWC cider seller in the dealer list on our homepage?

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