Frequently Asked Questions

Dear Apfelwein lover, in our FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions) you will find answers to the questions we often receive. Hopefully also to your questions. However, if something remains unanswered, you can get in touch with us via our contact form.

Our products are now available almost everywhere in Germany and can also be found in a few other countries. We have provided a list of dealers for you on our homepage. Here you can enter your place of residence and see whether a store near you carries our products. Please note that unfortunately we cannot tell you in detail which varieties are on the shelves there or at what price. Of course, we have no influence on the pricing and orders of our retail partners.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer general international shipping of our webshop products.

EU: You can order almost all varieties of our cider from the mybooze online shop. It delivers to all EU countries except Austria, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.

Austria: Out shop is able to deliver to Austria! Just select that country in check-out. Furthermore: For Austria you can order our cans and bottles from our partner Eduard Schuster. You can find more information on his Homepage or via info@bembel-cider-camp.at or +43 650 2115701.

Switzerland: You can now buy our cans and bottles in the online shop of Amstein SA!

Spain: Bembel is available at some event venues along the Playa. But there are supermarkets as well. Please consult our dealer's map!

Lithuania: Here the Bembel-Mobilis is on the road and there is also a small online shop. In addition to the online shop for the Baltic States, you can also contact info@cidreplus.com. Details can be found on our dealer map.

UK: Our partner "Black Forest Beers" has an online shop and supplies some restaurants in Great Britain. You can usually find the latest information on Black Forest Beers' Instagram channel.

There are several restaurants and bars in the USA that have our cider. It's best to write to us for more detailed information or check our dealer's map and select your country!

We also have distributors in Bulgaria, Slovenia, and the Czech Republic.

For all other countries we recommend the international beer and wine shop or the provider "Ship it" via Amazon.

Yes, thanks to innovative filter technology, no gelatine is used in the production of our cider - so BEMBEL-WITH-CARE® is also suitable for vegans without any restrictions. This means, of course, that other ciders available on the market are usually not vegan, as gelatine filters are usually used.

Yes. Cider is naturally gluten-free and therefore a great alternative to beer.

We made the decision to use beverage cans very consciously because they offer an optimal ratio of environmental compatibility and benefit for the consumer. Cans are light, compact and can be refrigerated in an energy-saving way. But above all, cans are one thing: unbreakable! It is also the only packaging that is impermeable to light and oxygen. The cider therefore has a longer shelf life and retains its excellent quality. In addition, aluminium cans can be recycled completely and infinitely often without any loss of quality. And they produce far fewer emissions than heavy glass bottles when transported throughout Germany. Another advantage: cans can be printed all over, so our design comes into its own perfectly.
Due to their low weight, modern beverage cans are particularly advantageous for longer transport routes. A half-litre can weigh about 16 grams, while 0.5L glass bottles weigh about 340 grams. This means that with one kilogram of beverage cans you can pack about 20 times more content than with the same amount of glass. And cans can be stacked very compactly. A lorry full of cider in cans only carries 3% packaging weight. A lorry full of cider in glass bottles, on the other hand, transports 38% packaging weight. Thus, the can ensures less traffic on the roads compared to the glass bottle. And by disposing of the product in the yellow bin / yellow sack, long transport distances for reusable bottles, for example, are also eliminated. But all of this can be found on our "We care" page.

Since 2020: We now also have cider in 0.33l black glass bottles. They are not intended to replace the cans, but to expand our product range. Originally, they were developed for the catering industry, as a smaller container is often advantageous, especially in the hospitality sector. The bottles are the premium version for the bar evening. And so that you can also bring the bar feeling home, the bottles are also available on the shelves of various retailers or can be ordered via our webshop.

Not all cider is the same in Germany. There are big differences from brand to brand and from country to country, so you can't give a one-for-all answer to this question in a nutshell. Originally, the main difference between Apfelwein and cider was that the carbon dioxide produced during fermentation was bound in the product in the case of cider, but not in the case of Apfelwein. Cider was therefore traditionally more what we call sparkling wine. Today, cider is often produced differently, because especially in the field of industrial mass production, this method, known as bottle or barrel fermentation, would be too expensive and time-consuming. There are also great differences in the ingredients used. In Great Britain, for example, 35 % apple juice is sufficient for a drink to be declared as cider. The remaining part then consists of water, juice, sugar, sweeteners, and flavourings. This is not always the case, but it often is. In some cases, classic dessert apples are also used for cider. Such products no longer have much in common with traditional cider, which uses old apple varieties from meadow orchards with a very special sweetness and acidity spectrum.

Those who choose BEMBEL-WITH-CARE® get a cider traditionally pressed in the Odenwald from 100% apples, without flavourings or artificial flavour enhancers or sweeteners. With its naturally high residual sweetness, it also goes down well with cider newcomers. For a fresher drinking sensation, our cider is additionally carbonated. To cater to different tastes, we offer other varieties in addition to our pure cider, which are either refined with cola, table water, sour cherry nectar or quince.

Unfortunately not. A guided tour of the Cidery Krämer is certainly an exciting excursion, no question. But unfortunately, it is not possible for us to offer guided tours. Once or twice a year, however, the Kelterei Krämer opens its doors. On these occasions you can secure places for a look behind the scenes. The wine press house always provides information about the dates in the events section on its homepage.

Please fill out our form.

As a manufacturer, we have no influence on the prices in the individual markets and trading partners, as we are not allowed to dictate the prices to the individual retailers. Thus, promotional prices or other price adjustments are set by each retailer itself. Therefore, we do not have an overview of the current offers in the different regions. Likewise, we have no influence on which varieties are ordered by the retailer and are on the shelf locally.

Let's look deep into the history: BEMBEL-WITH-CARE® started in 2007 with a black branding. At first there were a few merchandising items such as Bembel, Gerippte, T-shirts and postcards. Until then, BEMBEL-WITH-CARE® was a "cider brand without cider". In 2008, we cooperated with the Krämer wine press with our first cider in a 5-litre barrel - completely in black as part of the corporate design.

Due to the great success, we were able to launch the 0.5L cans in three varieties just one year later. Since black was already occupied with the pure cider (in the 5L barrel), we decided on the white can for cola cider.

Cider is one of the alcoholic drinks with the lowest calorie count. You can find the respective nutritional information on the website under the varieties.

You can find out about the different bar trolleys via our website and request them directly from the owner. Please note: The trolleys do not belong to us, but to caterers and traders.

You can use our contact form to request advertising materials such as banners and sales posters.

Of course, you can have our logo engraved under your skin. We will be happy to send you or your tattoo artist a template in the appropriate quality on request, so that your tattoo will be razor-sharp in any size. And of course, we are happy to receive pictures of the finished work of art.

There is no minimum durability date for wine in Germany. However, we still voluntarily give a best-before date of 24 months for our cans and 30 months for the bottled cider. Since this is only a minimum shelf-life recommendation and not a maximum shelf-life value, you can of course drink our cider even after the best before date has expired - at your own risk. ;)