Wacken-Apfelwein & -Festival

We are Wacken!

For the second year already, we brought the Odenwald's national drink, cider, north to Wacken. Where dust and sun prevailed in 2022, a mud fight was the order of the day this year. Of course, we didn't let ourselves miss out on the fun and provided all the party-hungry (wet) metalheads with a super alternative to beer: Wacken-Apfelwein!

Of course, we also had all the other varieties of cider and the new Bembel-Cola Shot on our two bar trolleys.
We love this festival, the visitors - and also our team, who celebrated their love of cider with you despite all the mud.
In 2023, it's going to be round again at the Holy Ground, we can promise you that. Cheers!

Bembel goes Festival

We are Wacken!

Get out the air guitars! We have something new for you that will give you the energy you need for long party nights: Odenwald Apfelwein infused with aronia and guarana. Invigorating and unique. And of course, not just for heavy metal fans. Order your Wacken cider cans in summer to enjoy the perfect drink for warm weather!

For centuries, an ancient power has been hidden deep beneath the barren soil of the Odenwald.
Slumbering, only perceptible as a foreboding in the fog, as a whisper in the leaves, as a sigh of the gnarled wood.
But from the far north echoes a dull roar. Drums. And the earth trembles.
Deep in the Odenwald, the power rises from its slumber of eons.

Guided by archaic sounds, she stretches out her roots.
Something awakens.
The power of the Odenwald and the drums of the North combine in an explosion.
In a rousing storm, they capture the whole country in their ecstatic symbiosis of Apfelwein and Wacken.