Bembel-Riding Rodeo

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Swing on the can!

Bembel Riding

Get ready for the ride on the giant Apfelwein can: We present our Bembel Riding! Who needs a boring bull when you can sit on your favorite cider can!

We have our popular rodeo can with us at many events because it is an integral part of the Bembelzone. Together with the Durstlöschzug it makes an unbeatable team. If you are planning a large event, you can contact us request whether a cooperation or rental would be possible.


Measurements: Required area of ​​6×6 meters
Ceiling height of at least 2.80 meters
(Width of the entrance doors at least 1.20m)


Drop pillow: inflatable, only requires 2 normal 230V power connections
Huge can: with a strap to hold on, instead of the classic bull
Control Panel: Various levels and speeds can be set. The Bembel Riding can be operated by yourself after instruction, but alternatively staff can also be booked for operation.


Location: Beerfurth
Transport: Supplied for assembly. Other options only after consultation.
Price: On request. Daily rent from 240€ on plus travel costs.


Weinheimer Str. 6
69488 Birkenau

Phone: +49 (0) 62 01-73 09 70

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