Apfelwein POS Equipment


Ready for a cool party wich BEMBEL-WITH-CARE style?

You want to celebrate the Bembel party of the year and still need the optical cherry on the cream? Don't panic, because that's exactly why we have basic Bembel equipment for events in the well-known Bembel look.

You can rent Trailer Bars yourself from the respective gastro service providers. Furthermore, take a look at our webshop and find neccessary and fun accessories.


The right advertising material for every occasion, whether event needs or price signs for retailers and gastronomy.

Our Apfelwein is not just any cider, it is a revolution in both taste and design. That is why we have created various advertising materials for your sales promotion of your "Point of Sale".

For example we offer...

  • Bar posters with price tags (DIN A3, DIN A1)
  • Product posters (DIN A3, DIN A1)
  • Various flyers (DIN A6)
  • Cider coaster or table toppers

Interested in this or other material for your business?

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