Sparkling Apple Wine 0,75L

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Sparkling Apple Wine

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Our award-winning sparkling apple wine is a very fine drop. A fine-beaded all-purpose weapon for every festivity. The basis for this unique sparkling wine is our pure cider, which receives its final touch in a second fermentation. The mild, fruity apple note therefore also characterizes the taste of the dry "sparkling apple wine", also known as "Apfelschaumwein" in Germany.

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Pure cider as a basis

8% vol. | dry | 0,75l bottle | Naturally gluten-free | Vegan

Awards (Selection)

2019: Golden DLG Seal 2017: International Cider Competition Sagardo Forum Silver Medal 2014: Pomme d’Or
Alcohol content: : 8.0 % ABV
Allergens: contains sulphites
Other: with antioxidant
Ingredients: Sparkling wine made of 100% apples, carbonic acid

Calories and nutritional value per 100ml

Calories: 143kJ/54kcal
Fat: >0,1g
Carbohydrates: 2,5g
Protein: >0,1g
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