5L Apfelwein-Pure cider barrel

Image 'Apfelwein-Barrel'
Apfelwein Party Barrel

Our classic one but make it 5L

Apfelwein-Pure, practical and stylishly packaged into a 5l barrel with an integrated tap. Premium cider, the basis for all our products. 100% apple, fruity-tart and natural. No added flavors or sweeteners.


100% Pure Cider, carbonated

6,0% vol. | 5l barrel | deposit-free | Naturally gluten-free | Vegan

Alcohol content: 6.0 % ABV
Allergens: contains sulphites
Other: with antioxidant
Ingredients: Apple cider, carbonic acid

Calories and nutritional value per 100ml

Calories: 158kJ/38kcal
Fat: >0,1g
Carbohydrates: 0,75g
thereof sugar: 0,75g
Protein: >0,1g
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