Apfelwein is a drink which has been deeply rooted in local culture as long as human kind can remember. The people of the Odenwald region hold their Apfelwein very dear. The Odenwald is a rural area, typically defined by forests and traditional meadow orchards.

The mature and distinctive varieties of apples are characteristic for this region. They are the perfect raw material for our extraordinary Apfelwein and they are the reason for its distinctive and natural taste.

The cult brand BEMBEL-WITH-CARE was founded in 2007 by Benedikt Kuhn to revolutionise the notion of Apfelwein. The prime focus is the fusion of tradition and innovation. The nostalgic brand appeal adds the finishing touch to this pure and unique natural product from the Odenwald. The fashion-conscious and visually appealing design is directed at a younger audience that is once again discovering a traditional beverage.

Today, the brand enjoys great popularity and has attained a cross-regional cult status. BEMBEL-WITH-CARE Apfelwein is produced by the Cidery Krämer, who started their long tradition in 1928.

Being made mainly from apples that have grown in the traditional meadow orchards of the Odenwald, the pure Apfelwein is an unadulterated natural product. No additional sweeteners, concentrates or any other aromatic additives are used in the production process. Due to innovative filter technology, our Apfelwein is vegan, also it’s gluten free by nature. It is precisely this purity that gives our Apfelwein its authentic and distinctive flavour with an unmistakably sour yet fruity taste.

This new generation of Apfelwein is a natural, low-calorie and refreshing drink, which neatly fills the gap between beer and wine. BEMBEL-WITH-CARE is the success story of a classic beverage and a cultural heritage that is now being rediscovered.

About Ourselves

BEMBEL-WITH-CARE is one of those rare success stories – a traditional beverage with a long cultural heritage that is now being rediscovered by a younger audience. The reason why? It is the first Apfelwein ever served in a can – a stunningly rebellious, yet stylish can.

Since 2007, BEMBEL-WITH-CARE established an Apfelwein Culture 2.0. Together with the help of our fans, we want to make our Apfelwein known far beyond the borders of the Odenwald. We succeeded in rescuing this great beverage from the brink of extinction – now we want to show it to the whole world.

We’re offering Apfelwein bottled in stylish designer cans, presenting those five flavours: Apfelwein Pure (simple yet tasty carbonated Apfelwein), Apfelwein Spritzer (mixed with sparkling water), Apfelwein Cola (mixed with cola), Apfelwein Cherry (mixed with high-quality sour cherry juice) and Apfelwein Gold (refined with Quince). We’re listed at many supermarkets in Germany by now. The Apfelwein itself is pressed at the Cidery Krämer, located deep in the Odenwald.

Since the basic ingredient for our Apfelwein is produced by nature, we’re not only Apfelwein lovers but nature enthusiasts as well. We’re supporting the landscape preservation and we’re actively engaged in the obtainment and care of the meadow orchards. Therefore we founded the Initiative “Streuobstwiesenretter” back in 2011.

The name and logo cleverly reflect the brand’s mission as well: The logo carries two “handle with care” symbols commonly found on export packaging and a “bembel”, the jug Apfelwein is traditionally served in. Together with the brand name, the matte black varnished can carries a clear message: Handle Apfelwein with care, it’s an object of cultural heritage!

What makes us different from the average Apfelwein company: The brand BEMBEL-WITH-CARE and the cider cans themselves have turned into a cult over the years. There’s a huge German fan base by now. With its fashionable branding, BEMBEL-WITH-CARE ensures that Apfelwein now appeals to young, modern consumers as well. Contrary to beverages as beer or wine, our Apfelwein started a movement, a revolution, resulting into an Apfelwein Cult 2.0. We’re amazed about the enthusiasm towards our products and about the creativity of our fans on a daily basis. Viva la Apfelweinrevolution!