BEMBEL-WITH-CARE is manufactured in the Odenwald, Germany by Cidery Krämer, producer of Apfelwein since 1928.

Mostly apples from traditional Odenwald meadow orchards are used for the Apfelwein. The special climate of the Odenwald and the old, respective apple varieties with a balanced level of sugar and acidity allow for the production of this unique Apfelwein. It is made according to traditional recipes from NFC (not-from-concentrate) juice without using concentrates, additives, artificial flavours, or additional sweeteners.

The extraordinary quality of this Apfelwein is a result of decades of experience. A state-of-the-art press and filtration technology ensures that the Apfelwein is vegan.

Since 2009, Kelterei Krämer has been producing Apfelwein in cans and kegs in cooperation with BEMBEL-WITH-CARE.

For more infos visit the webpage of the cidery. (Sorry! In German only.)